The Voice Of The Trumpet 2017

The Parade of Nations is a GLOBAL CALL to worship the GREAT I AM God (Isa61:11). Featuring Praise and Worship, Custom Attire, Gospel Music, Prophetic Psalmist(s), Singing and dancing from all over the globe.  This multicultural celebration starts March 31 @ 7:27pm and April 1, 2017 @ 10:10am. Venue: 4595 W 29th Ave Gary, IN 46404.

Worshipers creating a sweet aroma of Incense. Express your movements, instruments, music and intercession Freely to the Lord.FREE Just RSVP here:

bobbieflyercomplete-march1-fixed flyer







Sunday April 2. Heaven’s Dew in God’s Glory – Heavenly Spread Free.

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